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Angelfish help


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Just came to my fish room and my angels look suddenly strange. Showing clamped fin? And seem to be a little gaspy.

temp 78f

ammonia 0

nitrite 0

nitrate 35

GH 250ppm

chlorine 0

kh 50ppm

ph 7.5




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My angel does this all the time. He gets fairly stressed out over the little things.

When something like this happends I just do a waterchange. It usually puts him back into his "GIVE ME FOOD" mood.

I can see some pink showing on his pectoral fin, my angel also has that when he doesnt like the water. 

Nitrate is a bit high, it should be at 20ppm.

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There are several in there acting this way (this is a 55g grow out tank). I watch them pretty heavily and have never seen this behavior. Have not had any issue with them at this nitrate level, but will be doing a water change in a few minutes

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How long have they been in the tank ? That hardness is a bit on the extreme level for angels - i'm not an expert as to just how hard the water can be for angelfish but it is certainly far harder than my tanks which are gh 7 kh 3. 


Yea i would start with the water change but a bit concern something in the water is making them unhappy... 

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Nope, I was holding off just in case of that. I just hit them with paracleanse a couple of hours ago. It was about normal feeding time so I put a small amount of food in the tank to see reaction. A couple came up for it, most were actually willing to eat when it came to them in the water column. These guys are typically hogs and go nuts any time you even look at them so there is definitely something up besides water quality.

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