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What tankmates can live with my betta fish?

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42 minutes ago, Jane Oh said:

Hi all, I want to add SOME tankmates to my 5.5 gallon tank with my betta fish. PH: 7.5   Temp: 79 degrees    Lighting: Moderate to high.
Can someone tell me how to identify if my betta is peaceful?
Can someone give some suggestions in my 5.5 gallon tank?

Aurora full tank 1.JPG

I would recommend snails. Nerite snails and mystery snails are some of the best tank mates for betta fish, especially for a more laid back one.

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Snails are USUALLY a great option but then there are those bettas that are little devils and will destroy everything living in sight.

Heres how to tell if your betta will probably be fine with tankmates:

  • Stick your finger in the tank
  • Observe what he does?
  • Does he flare at it and try to fight it? or does he try to eat it because he things it food? or does he just not care, maybe even a bit scared of the finger?
  • If your betta is flaring at the finger, tank mates for the most part probably wont work
  • If your betta is trying to eat it, checking it out, or leaving it a lone, tankmates are probably fine

These are the tankmates I hope to one day keep withy my betta, Hugo

  • Neocardina Shrimp like cherry shrimp are great, all though gets some moss or some more dense plants for the shrimp to hide. Sometimes they will get eaten by the betta. Luckily yours is a long fin betta, so the chances of that happening have decreased
  • Ember Tetras
  • Celestrial Pearl Danios
  • Pygmy Corys ( @CorydorasEthan I'm surprised you didnt metnion this)
  • Neon Tetras
  • Snails 
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