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Microorganisms in My New Tank! Yay!

Jennifer V

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I started up a new 5g tank about three weeks ago (fishless cycle planted tank) and in the last few days have noticed tons of tiny white microorganisms flittering around. I can tell some are cyclops but I can't tell what the rest are. With my excitement comes a few questions:

What are the most common types?

Is this a good sign?

What do they eat? 

Is there a point at which I should worry about the population? 


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1 minute ago, Wingman12r said:

Probably infusoria, commonly cultured from decaying plant matter. With out fish to predate on them the population took off.

Well that makes sense -- I added some susswassertang and one of the bunches didn't do very well but I left the dying leaves in the tank for the bladder and ramshorn snails I just got in. I'm thinking it's a good sign that there is all kinds of life in there now? 

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