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Here's my breeding setup for my rainbow shiner

10gallon Sponge filter with a directional flow Temp at 70

Ph 7.3 ish

This setup will only work if "she" is ready. It may take more than 1 try. I wouldn't leave them in their for more than 2 day, since the male can rub her side open. Separate the male and female. 20200624_123115.jpg.e05e87b89c9cb07af797e518d4419a62.jpg

I start by pumping up my female with quality food/dry food for a few days to weeks. When she is fat with eggs, I'll place her with the male in a plant basket with a few good size rocks that night. Spongefilter flow will be pointed into the basket. They should spawn in the morning and be done soon after. I'll remove the parents and collect the eggs. I treat the eggs just like how you'll do for rainbow eggs.20200624_125657.jpg.2b03373bd1b98830ff1cb13d49315bd1.jpg



The whole idea is to have a setup where the parent have no chance of touching the eggs. In the wild theyll be swimming upstream and when they spawn the egg is blow downstream immediately. In a home aquarium most hobbies will breed them in large group so the fish that aren't breeding is eating the eggs.

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Bred over 400 fish and culled almost half

These are farm stock and they carry deformity. Such a shame for a native fish to have this much deformity being in the fish trade.


Top photo..top 2 was cull due to having a short face

Bottom phot..top female was kept and bottom female was culled 20200908_001622.jpg.f62d31afa5a660c5e63c5d6649ae0045.jpg

I didn't notice at first but alot of the fry had weak dorsal which came from one of the breeding female. She won't be breeding for me next year.

bottom photo..the bad female is at the bottom with a weak dorsal. On top of her is a older female for comparison 20200908_001603.jpg.6e24aa3c706e3da106fad204939e13a7.jpg


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3 hours ago, Ryan S. said:

Thanks for sharing.  I have a group of 9 that I want to breed - 4 males and 5 females.  Right now, they are all together.  To breed them as you suggest do you recommend keeping the males and females in separate tanks and then adding a pair to the breeding tank?



Yes, the reason I keep them separated is so the female have a chance to build up more eggs, if you don't separate them they'll still spawn but your yeid will be low. Plus they can and will spawn on days you aren't ready for them too, like in the main aquarium. After one or two try the male will pick up really quick on why they are in the breeding box, so its up to the female if she is ready to drop. 

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Here's a photo of father and son.

Father is now 4 year old, and not look good anymore. They don't get to live this long in the wild, so their body isn't made to survive this long.

Son is turning 2 this year and have great conformation, alot of blue running on the side of his body. 


Main goal is to have these fish color up sooner in their life and show more color when "turn off/not breeding mode". I'm getting there, females started to look great and showing alot of blue. Only problem with all these colorful female, its getting harder and harder to sex every year...lol

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