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I’m back again!!! This tank I swear!! Lol. Hopefully I’m posting this in the correct forum. 😬 Ok, so I was having a ton of trouble when I switched my substrate to all purpose sand. Weird fuzzy stuff growing, horrible hair algae and then green water so thick you couldn’t see anything.the algae was so bad it ruined my decorations. L So I scooped all of that out and replaced it with fluval stratum, I also bought a UV filter since my four nerite snails are not keeping up with the algae like my two mystery snails did. Well....the UV filter is supposed to just clip onto my hang on back, however it is the exact same size and the spot it is supposed to snuggle into and so it will not attach. I don’t have a lot of money and would really like to make this work. Has anyone managed to rig their UV filters to work for their tanks? Thanks in advanced!!!

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57 minutes ago, Jungle Fan said:

If you you could name the brand of your UV-sterilizer and HOB, and maybe provide some pictures so we can get a better idea of what the problem could be it would help a lot. Without knowing what your UV-sterilizer, or HOB look like it;s hard to tell.

Sure thing! My HBO is from aquarium CoOp and the UV filter is Green Killing Machine on Chewy. I also included a picture of my tank right after I cleaned it and put the Fluval Stratum in it. Just a little 10gal tank with 4 Nerite snails, one baby “pest” snail and a female GloFish Betta





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I'm sorry but I've never used a Green Killing Machine clip on UV-sterilizer, from looking at the manual on Chewy it seems it would have to be a perfect fit to make it work and if the unit is too large for your outflow opening on the Finnex Pure 7 Power Filter I don't know how to fit it, there is a video that lists compatibility with Aquaclear, Marineland, Aqueon, and AA but not Finnex.

I posted two videos I found about it in case someone might have a better idea on how to mount it on your HOB.  the only idea I could come up with  if it doesn't fit would be to either use a smaller type plastic hairclip to attach it to the Finnex and see if you can clip the GKM to that, or to superglue one or two neodymium small battery sized magnets to the GKM, stack several of the same on top so it protrudes from the outflow chute and attach it to the same my holding it to the chute with another  one, or two magnets behind the plastic lip. Alternately you could superglue one or two pieces of plastic to the chute on to which your GKM  might be able to clip on. Mind you this is just from looking at the manual and seeing the GKM in the videos.

Other forum members might have better more practical ideas. I hope this might give you some ideas, or get other forum members inspired.


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