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Hi, so I was thinking a while ago and was wondering how far the "We'll ship a CARE Package anywhere" policy goes? Despite the fact of me not being an astronaut would Aquarium Coop launch a CARE Package on a rocket to the ISS (International Space Station) if someone had one? Or if it only applies to the planetary body that the majority of the human population is on would they ship to places like Antartica, or other remote areas? (The heat pack would have to be HUGE for those plants lol) 

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@Zenzo I wanted to publicly thank you and @Candi for all of your help with linking my accounts, placing my first order all by myself last month, and just your overall cheery attitudes.

While my unpacking is nowhere near as well filmed or edited as Jimmy's work, here's my Unpacking video!

Thank you so much!!!!

[And even though my spouse isn't in here, thanks to my spouse for the combo Christmas/birthday money to buy Co-op goodies, and for insisting I could find a way to join the Co-op last year. I can't believe I've been in here and a YT Member for an entire year now!]


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