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Greetings everyone! NERM week is just days away. I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by! 😲 I hope you and your aquariums are finding ways to stay cool. 

Just a reminder to our forum members to post your NERM Week 2021: Forum Member Articles (FMAs). @James Blackis our latest to post his article, How to Deal With an Aquarium Catastrophe [Tips & Tutorials] This is a Review Article (RA), meaning after it was reviewed, he self-posted it. 

I also want to encourage any writer take advantage of our editorial reviews. It's easy, painless, and helps polish up your story. For James, I just needed to streamline a few sentences and suggest some alternatives for repetitive phrases. The important thing was to make sure his story was told in his own, unique voice.

Our editors will give you feedback, encouragement, explanations, and even coaching if you would like extra help. We're all very nice; so, it won't be at all like turning in an English composition assignment! 😎

#NERM week #NERM week 2021

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