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@Hobbitwhen I watched the vid of them moving the 800 gal, I cringed and screamed "use a dolly, use a dolly!!" I don't even know exactly what I did to compress the disk in my back, but here I am over a year later still dealing with pain every day (too afraid to try surgery). Working thru it for aquarium maintenance and fish care, but unable to get much else done. Please, folks, use equipment to move heavy stuff!!

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On 4/5/2021 at 8:01 AM, TheDukeAnumber1 said:

In the afternoon we have a remote-live taco eating contest, most tacos eaten in 10min, winner gets bragging rights

What would be the standard of taco for this? Of course crunchy hard shelled tacos, but of what size and with what ingredients? Would it be fair to assume most people would have access to a Taco Bell or perhaps an off the shelf taco kit to be prepared at home? I also kind of think there could be sub categories for bragging rights as well like first to 6 tacos eaten, you know, for people that don't want to eat an absurd amount of tacos.

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On 4/10/2021 at 8:34 PM, James Black said:

For the Photo Contest I was thinking we could have multiple topics to enter in.

Something Like...

  • Prettiest Betta (because it seems that most people have one)
  • Best Scape
  • Best Looking Invertibrate
  • Prettiest Fish (this way no matter what everyone can join in)

What do you think?

Ugliest fish might be a fun one too!

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1 hour ago, TheDukeAnumber1 said:

@Hobbit @Aubrey

I suppose we should decide if we want to try the task of going live with a zoom call, or to do an 'on your honor' thread with photos.

I think I favor the thread idea unless someone else feels strongly enough to host a live call.

Considering time zones and people's personal schedules I feel like a thread would be the better easier approach also. It would be pretty simple to film yourself with a 10 min timer. You could even edit out any embarrassing face stuffing moments but have an unedited backup of your numbers and time if it was in question.

So rules would be something like:

- submit documentation of yourself consuming as many tacos as you can in a 10 minute period.

- tacos must be crunchy/hard shell and of a comparable size and weight to average fast food tacos

- documentation may be edited but an original unedited version may be required if your final numbers are disputed - failure to provide an unedited version upon request will result in disqualification

If there is anything that requires more clarification feel free to ask or point it out.

-Fun Fact-

Competitive eater Joey Chestnut broke the world record for most eaten tacos back in 2017 when he ate 126 tacos in 8 minutes. That's over 15 tacos a minute!

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Just now, FlyingFishKeeper said:

Hi, I was wondering if there's a particular time I should post the competition threads so participants can get an idea of what the groups are ahead of time? Thanks!

We should probably create a thread for all the competitions the monday of nerm week (not till July). And then one big thread with links to all of the competitions that very day.

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  • 1 month later...
  • 2 weeks later...

NERM week is coming up in just one month! It’s time to start getting things organized.

The first step is for everyone to confirm that they’re still interested in leading/organizing the events we discussed before. So leave a comment and let me know! If you don’t reply with a comment letting me know you’re still up for leading your event, I’ll assume the event isn’t happening.

The second step will be to create a schedule. Please let me know in your comment how many days and posts your event will take. For example, my event will happen in two stages, but on just one post. I’ll post the recipe for “fish tacos” at least a week ahead of NERM week to give people time to gather ingredients, and then at the beginning of NERM week, I’ll comment and invite/remind people to post pictures of their tacos as well as videos of their fish enjoying them. People can reply with their pictures any time during the week.

Once I have everyone’s individual event schedules, I’ll put everything together in a calendar for the week. I’ll post a simplified version of the calendar before NERM week starts to give everyone a heads-up of what to look forward to. I’ll include links to any events that require pre-planning or pre-NERM week participation, such as polls. Comment here and tag me with a link to any post you’d like linked in the calendar. 😊

You will be responsible for posting your event’s posts before and/or during NERM week. Let’s use the tag “NERM week” AND “NERM week 2021” so all our posts are easy to find.

Current list of events: 
(let me know if I missed or need to update something!)

  • Fish photo contest(s) by @James Black. Categories include:
    • Prettiest Aquatic Animal - This can be a picture of whatever you want! You can have a picture of a turtle, frog, aquatic invert, fish, etc. The animal MUST be aquatic. Unfortantley this aquatic animal MUST be freshwater, as pretty much any saltwater fish would win.
    • Water Dog -  A video of your most persoanble fish. The video can be uploaded through youtube or just from your computer.
    • Prettiest Betta - A Picture of someones betta. The Prettiest Betta Wins!
    • The Comeback Kid - A before and after picture of a fish's journey through a disease. This could be a picture of a fish that looked almost dead at the petstore so you took it home, saved it and now its the healthiest its ever been. The fish that has had the biggest comeback wins! Note, that it does not need to be a "rescue" fish. It could be a fish that got sick in your care.
    • Ugliest fish?
  • Tank competitions by @FlyingFishKeeper. Categories include: 
    • Best Scape - Fairly simple, must include a full tank shot. Best Scape Wins. No 2D Backgrounds to "fool" the members. (background that includes a amazon sword cannot be used as some may think its part of the scape) Solid colored backgrounds are permitted.
    • Best Breeding Setup (BBS) - The best tank for both breeding, and in terms of appearance - Criteria: The submitted container must have had any sort of aquatic life breed intentionally. 
    • Best Invert Tank - Must include one full tank shot of a aquarium inlcuding only inverts! no fish! The post can also include macro shots of your shrimp/ snails.
    • Tubbin' Time! - A picture of your outdoor water eco-systems. The picture MUST be taking outside! This can be your 3000gallon monster pond to your 5 gallon vase full of rice fish. It can even be a bucket of daphnia. The only requirement is that its outside and has living organisms in it. 
  • @Anita, @CorydorasEthan, and @KaitieG are organizing forum member-authored articles
    • more info on that here
  • A thank-you video thread by @Aubrey
  • A forum highlights reel by @Daniel 
  • Recipe for Fish Tacos (tacos for fish) and thread for posting videos by me, @Hobbit
  • (tentative) @Cory may do a live stream
  • A meme contest/highlight reel hosted by @Betsy . Categories include:
    • Funniest (L.O.L.)
    • I Resemble That (Too real)
    • Most Liked Meme (that one would be easiest - the meme with the most reactions in the thread would win)
    • Sickest Burn Meme
    • Want to Taco 'Bout It (Favorite Cory Meme)
  • A taco-eating contest organized by @TheDukeAnumber1 and @Aubrey?
  • A yearbook photo of forum-member profiles created by @Streetwise?
  • On Nerm Day (7/14): everyone wear ACO or other fish merch and go to your LFS!
Edited by Hobbit
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Hi, mine is pretty much ready for posting. I'll be following the schedule that @James Black came up with. My threads will go up on Monday around 12 AM UTC, then people have 48 hours, to post pictures of their tanks. After that ends the next 3 days/72 hours people can vote for their favourite tanks with reaction points. @James Black I was also wondering if you particularly wanted, or don't want to post the home Competition thread with all links to the individual threads? Thanks!


Also side note - Should we have two tags, "NERM Week" and "NERM Week 2021" So if in a few years people have the option to see all the previous years together as well as looking for a particular year/post without having to dig through pages of search results? 

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I should also add that we should be using our "own time zones" so if its 12ET on Wednesday the ET people wont be able to enter in their photos. But when its 12ET on wednesday for the CT people it will be 11am, therefore the CT people still have an hour to get their photos into the competition. If that makes sense...

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On 6/11/2021 at 3:20 PM, Hobbit said:

@James Black basically you’ll be using the honors system—asking everyone to submit their photos by 12 noon in their time zone. Is that right?

Yep 🙂 I think it would make more sense. Because then the people living on the other side of the world has a chance to submit their videos/ pictures as well.

Plus I dont think its a big deal if someone submits their submission an hour late or so, just as long as its not a day late!


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I'm in for memes (unless someone feels very passionate and would like to take over, haha!)

I'm thinking I'll start accepting nominations for each category on June 30th - July 6th (with all memes posted on or before June 30th eligible for the meme awards) and then have members vote on the finalists from July 7th until the 12th to reveal the winners on Monday the 13th...Meme-day Monday?

Does that sound like it'll work?

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