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Hello and thank you 😊


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Thank you for the help. Let me properly introduce myself and tell you a little about me and the obsession we all share

I'm a menopausal woman who rather than collecting cats (I have 2) I chose fish.😁 I had tanks most of my childhood, bred guppies and cichlids in the late 80s/90s, and had 2 tanks in Fla I had to give up 16yrs ago to care for my father.

Last year,  I was offered a 3mo old 29g and 10g for free and decided it was time to get back into *hobby* breeding and do what I enjoyed. Fish relieve anxiety right? 🤣 

Since then, I expanded so I have 2- 29, 1-20, a 10g quarantine, 10gal grow up, 15g for fry and a 40 I am designing atm as some will be moved into that. 

Below in order are my lemon pleco tank. I had a piece of driftwood that wouldn't sink despite boiling and soaking for months. I attached it to a line and presently, its made it easier to check progress as all 3 that had ich are attached (presumably for O2).  The embers have recovered. 

My grow up/albino tank with 3 emperor tetras and 2 lf albino girls. 

My Tiger tank (until 40 is finished) with 2 male L333 ( I have a video that shows how that was determined), a pair of rams that don't like each other,  4 phantom tetras and 3 rescued otos. 

My Angel/cory tank that also has my gorgeous LF albino boy and some flame tetras. The large orange/white angel was given to me *cheap* as a canary in the mine during cycling my initial 29 tank. She recently laid eggs The 2nd was a rescue from 2 mo ago and had bent and broken fins. He/she has healed and doubled in size. 

Some of these will be eventually moving into my 40g. Since I live alone and size of my home, its a lot easier to maintain 40 and under sized tanks. I do plan on eventually adding a couple more. 😇😁

Once again thanks to those who responded while I was panicked over my ammonia issue. 

Blessings 💜🙏🐠






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14 hours ago, CalmedByFish said:


I've also had to set aside the hobby while caregiving. Got something in common there. 

Yes my mother died suddenly in 2015 as well.  Since then its been all work and working on the home I bought. I needed this 

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