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Hello Nerms


I am in the process of transferring my goldfish from a 55 to 75 gallon aquarium and inspired by Corey I would like to add a crinum calamistratum. My 55 was lit by a 48in finnex stingray and I planned on using it on the 75. Corey's light guide states that in order to have medium light on a 75 I will need 2-4 fluval 3.0s. What would you add to my stingray in order to produce enough light to grow a great crinum?

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Hi @Art Aquariums Anime

I suggest adding just one (1) Fluval 3.0 to your 75 gallon.  I too have a 75 gallon and can achieve medium light (PAR@50) through a glass cover with just one Fluval 3.0 above it and all five spectrum running at 100%.  That reading was taken with an Apogee Quantum MQ-510 PAR meter.  I run the fixture for four (4) hours in the morning and 2.5 hours in the evening for a total photoperiod of 6.5 hours with a light intensity of PAR@40.  This is adequate to grow the majority of plants (with the possible exception of carpet plants where I try to have PAR@80 or higher) with minimal issues with algae.  Here is the 75 gallon tank. -Roy

2021-03-22 75 Gallon Discus (3) Cropped Adj Sn Sm.jpg

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