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300 gallon hillstream community

Taylor Blake

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This is my 300 gallon community I'm going for a hill stream community much like rachel o'leary's 150 gallon. My goal is to have hill stream species like many US native species such as darters and minnows. I would also like gobies and loaches as well the biggest fish I'm looking to add are around 4-6 inches and the smallest being the white clouds or stiphodon.

(96 long X 24 wide X 31 tall) the  tank started up earlier this year


  • Matten filter that hides intake and pumps
  • 2 48 inch Fluval 3.0 planted plus lights 
  • 2 48inch Fluval Aquasky 2.0 lights 
  • Jebao DC return pump DCP-8000
  • FX 4 canister filter


  • 1/4 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs
  • 1/8 inch black criva Mexican beach pebbles 100lbs
  • 2-3 inch black Mexican beach pebbles 80lbs
  • Unknown hardwood 6 feet tall 20 inches wide 
  • unknown hardwood 4 foot long 
  • rocks from local landscaping yard


  • Bolbitis
  • Crypt Wendtii
  • Jungle val
  • Hornwart 
  • Christmas Moss on matten filter

Livestock current stock some fish have passed or been removed from when the pictures and videos were taken 

  • 20 Rainbow shiners
  • 5 central stone roller
  • 35 southern red belly dace
  • 6 Johnny darters
  • 6 red spotted gobies 
  • 3 white cheeked rhinogobius
  • 3 neon blue dwarf goby
  • 10 black khuli loaches 
  • 6 yo-yo loaches
  • 6 gold white clouds
  • 1 normal white cloud 
  • 10 pearl danios
  • 3 emerald shiners
  • 1 tadpole madtom 
  • 2 bamboo shrimp
  • 2 Mexican dwarf crayfish 
  • 2 Amano shrimp 
  • 12 cull cherry shrimp
  • 4 species of snail at least and hundreds of them 
  • live black worms

I think that is all the life in the tank but their will be more to come and I plan on updating with new additions and changes to the tank on here.

feel free to ask questions or suggestions.


















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11 hours ago, Taylor Blake said:

@quirkylemon103that is a yoyo loach they are not shrimp safe and should be kept in warmer water then what I'm keeping them in but they are doing well and getting very fat in this tank

thanks a lot. sad that you can't keep them with shrimp though 😞

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3 hours ago, Andy's Fish Den said:

nice looking tank, I like that big piece of driftwood, is that something you found "in the wild" or buy at a store?

I got the drift wood from a friend who had a reptile shop it was sitting an iguana cage for 20 plus years and for the last 8 years it was in storage at his place I helped him close brown the shop and he gave me all the driftwood in the shop I have a bunch of 4-6 foot pieces as well that I'm using in my turtle tank.
@Streetwise the yo-yos are an snail and worm eater but they I think will eat shrimp if they are freshly molted or small enough. I do see them pester my Amanos from time to time.

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@quirkylemon103 the best species of freshwater goby in my opinion is The red spotted goby they are small they do fine in unheated planted tanks.for the tank They will be fine in a 10 but would do better in a 20 long or a 33 long if you have it. they like a little flow And big rocky scape With plants. They do well with tank mates like white clouds and hillstream loaches. They like meaty foods such as live or frozen foods but some will take pellets. The biggest thing is you need to make sure they are getting food they will not swim up into the water to get food.  

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@Steph’s Fish and Plants I was going to use a 125 before I found the 300. if I was more limited on space I would use a 33 long and I still may set one up in my living room with high flow and gobies and hillstream loaches. The 33 long is a great tank for anyone who wants to experience a tank with high flow but have the tank be still easy to maintain.

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