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Java Moss trouble

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Figured out the picture issue,,,   Ok the brown spots on top the structures are the pieces of java moss I glued using the coop glue stuff. I got two of the screen setups and cut those in two and removed from the screens. It has been 3 weeks at least and all I see are just small attempt by the moss to grow. h* is about 7.8.   I did purchase some crushed coral but then saw my ph ok for most of my communal fish. Gourami, lyre fishtail, corys, siamese algae eaters, guppies and platys.    My question is will the moss grow from the brown, did cutting it up in smaller pieces cause this?   I can grow plants but this moss is killing me. The other stuff on the structures is some moss I converted from growing outside to my tank.  But the big brown spots are the JM. Help?   PS   I have been using the grow green.

java moss not good.jpg

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With moss you always want to be careful not to use too much glue just a drop at the base where the branches connect, and mine tends to turn a bit brown when it gets too close to the surface and with it the light. My shrimp love to take care of that part of it. It looks like you've got some green growth on it though so I would give it some time and leave it alone for a few weeks, or months.

Generally the brown does not recover though in my experience it just gets replaced by new green growth. What material are the structures made of, are they resin, or plastic, or something entirely different, if you don't mind me asking?

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Mahalo, JF

The structures are resin Petco specials or as I like to think of them as old pier structures at a nearby bay. 🙂  Patience it will be and good advice with the glue. I've done a lot of garden features using succulents, airplants/ tallandsia, even spanish moss on driftwood or as we call the moss here Pele's hair.  I use glue and stick pins for that.  Firs time with a tank since a kid but I do enjoy my plants. can't have shrimp or snails sent here, forbidden. If the snails or shrimp get out here they might be able to survive.

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