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Do I have room for more nano fish or am I fully stocked?

Mark Lederman

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Just looking for opinions on how maxed out I am.    I have a 36 Gallon Bowfront, medium planted at the following stocking levels:

11 Neon Tetras

5 Zebra Danios

6 Glofish tetras

1 Powder Blue Gourami

7 Otos

6 Cory Sterbai

Fish look great.  Swimming around nicely.  Not a traffic jam situation in the open water.   Peaceful community.   1804013934_fishtankapril2.jpg.5f8ad631364007fbb928a3d23738f1d6.jpgWater changes are 2x per week at 30% (It takes about 4 days for Nitrates to approach 40 ppm).  I am checking daily and have 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites. 

Do I have room for more or am I so fully stocked that I have crossed the line and am flirting with potential problems?    I'm not considering adding any medium size fish.  Just wanted to see if I could add in some nano fish: i.e. 2 more neons and/or 2 more otos.  The otos and neons have such a small bio load.   

I know the 1 inch per gallon rule is just a guideline.  So I don't want to get into that.  I just want to know if most folks would say I am way way way maxed out.   Thanks.  

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I'd say that the tank is pretty highly stocked, though not in terms of the bioload, but rather the swimming space. It is fine now, but if you were to add more schooling species like danios or large-ish tetras, then they might be pretty crowded. The neons might work though. I would say add freshwater shrimp or snails if you wanted more fish. Also no more otos, as they might not all be able to get enough food.

Try out http://aqadvisor.com/ it's a great stocking calculator for calculating bioload. Unfortunately, it doesn't take into account the plants in the aquaria and the extreme benefits that they provide. So you could theoretically go over the maximum bioload if you have plenty of plants.

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