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What to do with aggressive Cichlid


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I recently acquired a second hand tank with two fishes: a Cichlid Oscar and a Pleco. The Oscar is aggressive and keeps doing all sorts of things that you expect a Cichlid to do. The thing is I'm unable to add any other fish to my tank because certainly the Oscar will kill or injure the new fish! I've tried to sell the fish and also to give it for free on Facebook but no one wants it! 😞

Any suggestion what can I do in this situation? I'm even thinking to go to a fish store and try to give the fish for free haha

Sorry if this post is not allowed here. Please delete it..

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I think that this is the thing with having a used tank with "free fish". the previous owner knew this would be a hassle. With persistence you will find someone who wants the fish. I was a person looking for exactly that kind of larger wet pet just a few months ago. I knew there would be someone desperate to get rid of a large fish and that I did not have to "grow my own" but could rescue one. I haunted craigslist and I saw a lot of plecos and oscars. I got what I was looking for eventually. Someone will be happy eventually to rescue him for free.

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