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Betta Popeye?


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We got this Betta a couple of weeks ago and he's been pretty active.  The last couple of days, it looks like he's been sleeping a lot, both at the top in floating Water Sprite and the bottom of the tank.  I've tried to stimulate him by putting a mirror on the side of the tank, but he doesn't do much.  He'll swim around for a minute or two, then go back to sleep.  Is this Popeye or any other ideas?

Also, he's not gasping a lot.  I've tested the water PH 7.6, 0, 0 and 20-40 nitrates.  Just to be safe, I did a water change also.


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1 minute ago, Cory said:

I'm not sure it's popeye, as it's not that pronounced, but he looks stressed out. What is the water temperature? Have you done any anti biotics? 

Thanks Cory.  The temp is 80 and about 20 minutes ago, I added Maracyn.

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Sorry for posting so much, but after reading some more, I wonder if it's a swim bladder issue?  He'll swim to the top every once in a while for a breath, but struggles a little to get up there.  Then comes right back down. And after thinking and reading about feeding, he might be getting over fed. The Hikari Betta pellets are so small.  We tried freeze dried blood worms, Vibes bites, Bug bites and krill flakes, but he's picky. 

If I can get him some peas, should I blanch frozen peas and try to give him one or use canned peas?  What's the process for that or should I even try that.

He's a really pretty Plakat and has lots of personality.



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