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I'm new and just got a tank, and set it all up correctly. I just have a question about live plants. I see in the pictures of those they sell here that they are in a container that holds the roots. I was just wondering if I'm suppose to take them out of that container and if so, how  would go about planting them in my tank. I have all stones and river rocks in my tank if that makes a difference. Thanks for any help and suggestions.

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You can definitely take the plants out of the pots if you want and there are all sorts of videos that can show you how to put certain plants in your substrate. But a lot of it would depend on what type of plants you get or if you plan to get some kind of planting tweezers. The tweezers make it easier but are definitely not needed.

Since you mentioned you are fairly new maybe try just leaving them in the pots. It can get rather frustrating when planting and I destroyed a lot of my first plants trying to bury them in the substrate by hand.

Aquarium Co-Op sells Easy Planters that you can put the pots inside. This way you can just drop your plants in the tank and put it where you like without the hassle and stress of possibly killing your plants.

Once you are able to get your plants to grow and multiply, you'll have extra plants you can afford to lose if you break them while planting.

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