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White Stringy Bacteria/Algae

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Hi everyone! 

I set up a new planted tank about 5 days ago and now there are some of these white strings on the wood and plants. Picture attached. I’m thinking it’s some sort of algae or bacteria. Any idea what this is? And if it’s a problem?

it’s likely fine and will take care of itself. I’m doing regular water changes. My amonia and nitrites are 0, nitrates between 10-20, ph is 7.2, and temperature at 74. Dose with easy green

thank you! 



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I have the same in my tank I just set up two weeks ago and suspect it's just harmless biofilm and will eventually go away as the tank matures. Did you use anything like old filter media to seed the new tank? Also since you just set it up a couple days ago, I'm not sure you need to do water changes yet. 

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