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What would YOU put in a 2.3 gallon tank?

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I nabbed one of those DeepBlue 2.3 gallon 'betta' tanks like the Coop has in their store. I know that display had (as of the last video featuring it) a betta mixed with some other fish and shrimp, and it looked great. I'm puzzling over what I'd like to put it in, and I'm curious what other people would try. These are some of my different stocking ideas (all planted, of course):

1 dwarf pea puffer (Cory suggested this in one of their videos)

2-3 dwarf frogs

3-6 least killifish (heterandea formosa)

6 celestial pearl danios 

6 medaka rice fish

Any thoughts or suggestions? Other ideas? Filtration/lighting you'd experiment with? What would you do? 

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I wouldnt do the pea puffer nor the dwarf frogs. I feel like both of those would need at least 5 gallons, but ideally 10.

Pea Puffers also are a very intellegent fish and need something for them to do so that they dont get bored. this could be other pea puffers or a colony of cherry shrimp or snails for him to constantly hunt.

The Killifish idea isn't a bad idea and  neither are the cpds or rice fish. I would personally do the killifish idea, but instead I would do clown killifish.

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I agree to no on the pea puffer and dwarf frogs. I love h. formosa, but wouldn't mix male and female h. formosa in such a small tank as they breed readily. Even a single female h. formosa might be pregnant when you get it, and so you could still end up with fry. Unless you have another tank for the fry. I'd personally just do a heavily planted shrimp tank.




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Agree about the frogs. I have 1 in a 5 gallon, and it's barely big enough. 

I too was thinking least killifish, but male endlers are about the same size, more colorful, and easier to find (to buy).

If I got a betta, I might opt for a female just so there's more room for the fish's fins. 

Definitely at least one snail. 

Might be cool if your fish(es) could have fresh food like baby snails or baby shrimp. 

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