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Vertical tank stand - placement of support


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Hello All, I am putting together a new stand to hold three tanks vertically in my fishroom, two 20g longs and a 29 gallon on the bottom.  So the tanks are all 30" across and 12" deep.  I have seen Cory's video with the stands in the store only supporting the ends of each tank, front-to-back. I am considering doing this but seems a bit frightening.  I have also read a few articles saying all the weight is on the four corners so in theory I should be fine, but ...   Every tank stand I have previously built supports the entire bottom frame, sides and front/back.  Just wondering if others have built similar stands for tanks these sizes and just supported the sides, leaving the front and back edges open?

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1 hour ago, SteveMc said:

That's an interesting design! Thanks for sharing it. I too tend to overbuild things as well, this is my stand I built a couple years ago for my 180 gallon tank. Someone told me at the time it would likely hold my truck! 


If you can figure out how to get it underneath your truck...

My 75 sits on a similar stand. It is all 2x4s with a single center brace.  I know particleboard stands are supposed to be strong enough but I prefer to err on the side of caution.  This design also distributes the weight across the floor evenly.

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