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Easy Green in daily dosages?

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Would there be any advantage to daily dosing of Easy Green?  Was thinking of putting a dropper top on the bottle and feeding plants same time I feed fish.  I guess the amount would be the weekly dosage divided by 7?   I have a small graduated cylinder to initially measure the number of drops that would be.  TIA! 

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@Tetra Guy I use the new easy multi test strips(they're awesome) , but whatever test kit/strips you like to use will work well enough. @Irene made a great video about how to find you're tanks proper dosing awhile back, but I'm not sure which chanel it was on (she has her own chanel plus videos on both of the coops channels)

It's been awhile since I watched that video but I think my method is very similar. First do a big water change. Then test the water and record the nitrate. Next add easy green until the nitrates increase by 20ppm. Record the new nitrate level and the number of pumps it took to get there. Then test everyday at the same time that you dosed ferts on the first day and record the nitrate level. When nitrates come back down to the level they were at before dosing you know how many days it takes to consume a certain number of pumps of fert and can calculate how much fert your tank consumes per day. 

For example if your tank is at 10ppm nitrate before ferts and it takes 4 pumps of easy green to get to 30ppm nitrates then takes 8 days to return to 10ppm nitrates then you know you tank consumes 1 pump of easy green every 2 days. 

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