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On 3/30/2021 at 2:25 AM, Bill j said:

I just bought the 200 test strips. The color for the hardness doesn’t seem to be right, it’s probably me I will include a photo. Any ideas? Thanks 


Using the photo above, my water is hard, but I don’t  how hard. It looks too far off to make a decision. Over 300 or under 300 ?

what do you guys think ? Thanks 

also how do I get rid of my old questions.? Thanks 

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As a forum, old questions stay so that others can learn as well. Was your test compared at the correct time when the picture was taken. From what I see in the pic, it seems your tank could be in old tank syndrome. This happens if you were to top off the tank for evaporation lots of times with minimal water changes. Does your tap water test this hard as well?

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