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Angelfish fry survivors


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The angle fish fry are two weeks old today doing great have had no losses after they went free swimming, last Friday the pair spawned again this time they didn’t eat the eggs I taped paper over half the tank for privacy as soon as they were wrigglers they moved them from the glass to a leaf and then to another leaf lol anyways they are doing great as well maybe they eat them when they start free swimming time will tell I hope not but wouldn’t be surprised if they did 




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Congratulations! You're going to end up with a TON of angelfish. Hope you like them a lot! 😁 

Here's about less than half of the fry we raised up (sold the rest earlier) -- sharing space with a couple female gouramis -- these are all but 7x sold. Takes up a lot of tank space, and requires serious dedication to water changes. 


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