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Should I quarantine ?


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Hi everyone. This is my first post. Even though I have kept fish for years since I’ve started watching aquarium co-op videos, I realize how little I know and most of my successes with fish  have been sheer luck!!

 I just noticed one of my rainbow fish seems to have an injury. Wondering if I should test the tank or quarantine just him.  I have a little snappy tetra  and a few other males who appear to be aggressive towards him. I’m not certain if that is the cause of the injury  or if they are now doing it because he is injured. Any help would be greatly appreciated.  Kind of attached to these fish 🤪

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Hi! Welcome to the forum!

The injury alone doesn't look serious enough to give me concern. Maybe dose with 1-2 tbs aquarium salt per 10g of water to help it heal without getting infected.

But the bullying behavior the fish is experiencing gives me a little pause. If it's just one or two bad boy fish giving him trouble, I say isolate them and let them cool off. But if he's getting bullied by several fish, might be good to give him his own space for a bit to heal up.

I know rainbow fish like to be in groups. If he has a few mild-mannered buddies to keep him company, that'll probably be good for him, too.

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