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Two different fish?


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So, I did an experiment and tried to get some of my turquoise rainbows to breed, and they did! I noticed about a dozen fry swimming around, so I extracted the parents from the breeding tank, which I previously had been using for quarantine. Right away I noticed that one of the fry was quite a bit larger than the others. I thought that was strange but I figured maybe he hatched first, was a fast grower, or something like that. 

Now that my fry have grown bigger they just don't look like the fish that used to be larger than them. I'm thinking maybe the fish I had in quarantine, two adult giant danios, may have been spawning without me noticing?

These are the rainbow fry. Looking very rainbowish to me (forgive my bad pics):20210329_013751.jpg.a3b8595bcbd5b19face820624820636c.jpg


And here's the weird guy:20210329_020223.jpg.3653416965eeb6ec1f22912e922dc8ad.jpg20210329_020402.jpg.d091317d587ae92d8c2098d303add87a.jpg

Could these be the same kind of fish? 

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That one does look different to me.  By the way, I have turquoise rainbow fry also, but mine are the result of an accident.  I moved some plants from my 65 gallon tank, with the rainbows, to a shrimp tank.  Much to my surprise fry showed up a few days later.  I assume eggs were on the plants, and I never see any in the big tank because between the rainbows, the angelfish, and the tetras they don't stand a chance.

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