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Scale blaster and aquariums


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I got a deal on a scaleblaster 75 on clearance. They are said to remove scale and hard water deposits and I do believe they can. My questions are

 1. Is anyone on the forum keeping and filling tanks with one in use on your tap water.

2. Since it alters the adhesive properties of things in the water I worry that it will hinder beneficial bacteria inhabiting biofilms.

The tanks it would be used are auto water change on hard city tap with chloramines. I use mattenfilters and sponge filters on all of them.

My main complaint is airstone clogging and scale on my glass lids. I do think the scaleblaster can help with this but at what cost?

Thanks for your time.






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The electronic water softeners like ScaleBuster only impact the water for up to 48 hours at which point the water returns to its original state. That limits their effectiveness in reducing scale in aquariums as most people keep the water in their aquariums longer than 48 hours. 

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