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Fishfood cultures


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It seems like live food is healthier/more nutritious than flake food. What live cultures do you guys keep and why? (Other than baby brine shrimp) Blackworms, vinegar eels, scuds, green water, daphnia, etc?
I have some nice 1gal growler glass bottles that I want to use... somehow. I'm thinking vinegar eels?


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These are the live foods I use:

  • Blackworms - 1/4 cup per day - I buy these from Eastern Aquatics 2 lbs per shipment - no work, but most expensive of all at $45 per pound
  • Mosquito larva - about 3 tablespoons per day - I grow these in 10 five gallon buckets behind the garage
  • Daphnia - about 1 tablespoon per day - Naturally occurring in a ditch in front of my house, I run the garden hose in the ditch to keep it from drying up if necessary.
  • Whiteworms - about 1 tablespoon per day - purchased cultures on Aquabid and raise in Tupperware in a minifridge - much more maintenance than the above foods
  • Baby brine shrimp - about 1 teaspoon per day - raise in 3 Imhoff cones - not much work, more than mosquito larva or Daphnia, but less than whiteworms
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