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dwarf sag leaf tip turning brown

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I need help with diagnose whats happening to my dwarf sag. I bought them a few days ago and i noticed that 2 leaves start to turn brown at the tip. Is it ok to trim the brown area only?

As a side note, i have hornwort in there and the needles are falling out too.

I dont have any fish yet.

My tank, 15 gal.

- no CO2

- i have root tabs inserted

-6500k led light, 4-4-4 rule

-eco complete substrate

-aeration 24/7

-temp: 22 C



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This is a new setup?  How long has tank been setup?  
To answer you question, I never trim the leaves- in fact I believe if the plant is struggling-  browning leaves is a way for the plant to pull some nutrients back into roots and stem.  

I think things will be fine...  New setup and the plants are just settling in.  Give them a second to settle down.   Think about that first day on a new job, or that first day at school after a summer off..  watch them give them some time to adjust.   
Good Luck 

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Hi Brian,

yes this is a new setup with eco-complete substrate. Total age is 3 weeks but i planted dwarf sag and root tab just 3 days ago I am new to dwarf sag so I was afraid i am not giving the 6 dwarf sag enough nutrients with Seachem root tabs (i planted the root tab 5 inches diameter apart).

Is there any other nutrients that I should give them? and i will keep a close eye on them for now.

Thanks for the response

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