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I am trying to plan out my community tanks so that the inhabitants feeding habits compliment or at least do not cause health problems for other fish or invertebrates in a given tank.

Love that Rilian, but he pigs out on whatever worm I feed the spiny eel or the panda Garras.  He is good at hunting them down and it looks like he swallowed a grape afterwards!😬

What have any of you learned from your experience with feeding bettas in community tanks?

I can feed small earth worms by tweezer to the eel. But to give her variety I do feed live black worms and frozen blood worms once or twice a week and can’t feed the small worms by tweezer.   That’s when Rilian gorges.  Am I going to cause him health problems keeping this routine?


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My betta currently isnt in a community tank. All though when I do add some tank mates I plan to have some sinking food, and some floating food. I will feed the floating food (for the betta) at one side of the tank first, this will get him distracted. Then drop in some sinking food, this will be for the other fish. In my experiance bettas wont really go after sinking foods, some times they will.

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