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I was directed here by someone I respect on another forum.  Signed up right away, then lurked.  I like Cory's idea for a forum that focuses on the hobby and is less about the chit chat.  So, I'm in.

By training I'm a biologist.  By profession...  Man about town? 

In terms of what I have going for tanks; well I have more plans than tanks at the moment.  I've got a 42 gal that I am just about to rework.  I have a rack of 9 twenty H tanks that is in process.  And I have a 280 gal on order.  I've kept tanks on and off for years.  Worked in a LFS in high school.  But it before this round it had been a fair few years since I had my last active tank.  I love a sump filter when I can use them, but I prefer UGF or box filters for smaller tanks.  I'm deeply opposed to ever owning a canister. 

I tend to have what I call survivalist fish keeping tendencies - i.e. I like to keep tanks where I can keep and breed colonies of a species.  Not really a community tank sort of person, and I have no interest in hybrids (I can always get your hybrids from my species, but you can never get my species back from your hybrids).  Other than that, I'm interested in Rift Lakes cichlids, and little fish that have been isolated in desert springs.  Well, and I have have N-class Endlers as well as snails too. 

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