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This is by NO means a show tank. I have background plants up front. Swords stuck all over. I just like it to look like a jungle. It's recently trimmed so it's not so jungly. The pic of the small orange platy by the Ludwig is the fish fish ever born in my tank. Im keeping that one for the long haul. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics. The stem and roots in the back left corner are a jade plant I have growing out of the top of the aquarium. Thanks for taking a look.










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16 hours ago, Lifeisgood said:

This looks really nice!!  Where did you get your black fish caves?  Are they plecostomus caves or are they open on both ends?

Thank you! The caves are for my clown plecs and they are closed on one end. I made them out of sculpey. They seem to really enjoy them as they are always in one of them.

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