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Goldfish with Britlenose


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I have two orandas and saw Corys recent video about goldfish tank mates. I would like to add my bristlenose to that tank. 

The tank is unheated and at room temperature, so about 67 degrees. Will that work for the pleco? Seems cold to me. 

Has anyone done this safely? What has your experience with this been? my tank has lots of hiding spots too. 



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Bristlenose plecos are tough little fish. They'd prefer it a bit warmer, but could handle 67 without much trouble. They shouldn't bother the goldfish. Your only real issue will be getting food past the goldfish and down to the pleco and making sure he/she gets enough to eat. Goldfish (also known as water piggies) tend to love the same food as plecos and aren't the best at sharing food. When a goldfish sees food their first thought is "Mine!" Making sure enough food gets down to the pleco will be your biggest issue. I have a feeding frenzy among my plecos every morning when the green beans hit the water and again every afternoon when it's tubifex worm time. They love to eat. Getting food past the goldfish and to the pleco will be your biggest issue.

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