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New fish for the week of 3/22-3/28

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Frogs, Shrimp, and Snails

African Dwarf Frogs

Amano Shrimp

Cherry Shrimp

Orange Shrimp

Red Rili Shrimp

Blue Velvet Shrimp

Yellow Shrimp

Bamboo Shrimp

Assassin Snails

Nerite Snails (Red Spot and Zebra)


Crowntail Mascot


Halfmoon Dumbo Ear

Halfmoon Double Tail

Halfmoon Super

Plakat Black Warrior

Plakat Copper Fancy

Plakat Copper Koi

Plakat Copper Mustard Green

Plakat Dumbo Ear

Gouramis and other Anabantoides

Powder Blue Dwarf Gourami Females

Sunset Honey Gourami

Blue Paradise Fish

Scarlet Badis


Apistogramma Agassizi "Double Red"

Apistogramma Cacatuoides "Orange Flash"

Apistogramma Nijsseni "Panda"

Bolivian Ram

German Blue Ram


Emerald Green Brochis

Bronze Cory

Corydoras Elegans

Bandit Cory

Pygmy Cory (Wild)

Panda Cory


Common Colombian Otocinclus

Bumble Bee Otocinclus

L018 Gold Nugget

L128 Blue Phantom

L444 Rubberlip

Farlowella Vittata (Wild Colombia)


Dwarf Chain Loach

Zipper Kuhli Loach

Dojo Loach


Cardinal Tetra (Wild Brazil)

Congo Tetra

Green Neon Tetra (Wild Colombia)

Neon Tetra

Red & Blue Colombian Tetra

Rummy-Nose Tetra (Tank Raised)

Eques Pencilfish (WIld)

Dwarf Pencilfish (Wild Peru)

Platinum Hatchet Fish (Wild Colombia)


Chili Rasboras

Rasbora Het

Emerald Eye Rasbora

Barbs and other Cyprinids

Red Panda Barb

Reticulated Siamese Algae Eater

Danios and Minnows

Celestial Pearl Danios

Giant Danios

Gold White Clouds


Blue Silverado Endler Pairs (Cory Bred)

Vienna Guppy Pairs (Cory Bred)

Assorted Fancy Female Guppies

Assorted Fancy Male Guppies (Blue Neon, Flamingo, Blue Variegated, Cobra Metallic Green, Cobra Red, Japanese Blue Tail, Japanese Blue Swordtail, and Japanese Red Tail)

Black Lyretail Molly

Red Platy


Florida Flag Fish

P82 Gardneri Killi Pairs

Six Barred Panchux


Albino Senegal Bichir

Peacock Gudgeon

Pear Puffer

Amazon Puffer

Silver Datnoid


Fish listed top to bottom: Halfmoon Double Tail, Halfmoon Double Tail, Halfmoon Super, Plakat Copper Mustard Green, Plakat Copper Koi, Bumblebee Oto, Silver Datnoid, Peacock Gudgeon, Red Panda Barb, Amazon Puffer















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10 hours ago, Shannon said:

Do you have any Crystal shrimp available for purchase this weekend? (Or do you even sell them, looking back on new fish posts I'm not seeing them?) Thanks!

We don't sell them. We've found over the years that 9 out of 10 people kill them if we have them for sale in the store. They just buy them and keep them like cherry shrimp, which leads to their death unfortunately.

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16 hours ago, Robert said:


Emerald Green Brochis

Bronze Cory

Corydoras Elegans

Bandit Cory

Pygmy Cory (Wild)

Panda Cory

If only my fish stores carried Corydoras elegans... In my region, smaller community fish and nano fish aren't that popular. Cardinal tetras are rarely seen, and cherry shrimp are a novelty. I just checked my favorite local pet store again and it seems that the only cories they regularly carry are bronze and albino cories! I wish I had a store like the Co-Op.

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1710399643_Aurorafulltank.JPG.1f15d2367a73697970bca3f70723de4c.JPGI just got Aurora like today. Right now it is 5:54 PM (I bought him from Aquarium Co-op at 3/27/20, at 10:20-ish AM) Aurora backs away from me and hides under the crowd of water lettuce on the surface every time I come watch Aurora to see if he's doing good. By the way, this is my first fish in a 5 gal tank. There is no other fish in the tank but Aurora. There is a betta hammock, a feeding ring, some plants, one marimo moss ball, crypt. tropica, water lettuce, nano sponge filter with airline tubing, stingray led lights, a nano heater, and soft small gravel with beneficial bacteria. Every thing is normal, no ammonia, nitrates, nitrites, but the ph is 7.5. I don't know why he's scared of me and keeps hiding. It makes me worry a lot.

Can anyone help or explain why Aurora is doing that? 


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18 hours ago, Tinyfellows said:

Is there a specific day that you guys sell the bags of live baby brine shrimp? Or is just when ever you guys happen to have left overs?

It would be if there is extra. I have actually instructed them to not have any schedules. People become reliant on it and angry if we don't have it. Basically if someone is wondering when we would have it, they should be hatching for themselves as it's not difficult. In the past this always lead to problems when people "NEED IT" relying on our schedule. So if we have more than we need to feed that day, there may be some extra.

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2 hours ago, stowcenter93 said:

How do well do Peacock Gudgeons sell for the Co-op? I know Cory has said in the past he's not a fan due to aggression (correct me if I'm wrong). But my LFS gets them regularly and sells alot. Owner is a big fan of them and turned me on to them. 

They do okay but we don't sell a ton because we try to make sure they are going home in the right setups. There more of once in a while I'll bring in a few type of fish.

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On 4/2/2021 at 3:45 PM, Robert said:

we try to make sure they are going home in the right setups

@Robertwould you mind elaborating on this comment a little?  I brought home 3 of them from my LFS this afternoon.  I have done a lot of reading about them and talked to the owner of the shop but maybe I missed something.  Is there something that many people get wrong and fail at for Peacock Gudgeons?  I was advised to use frozen baby brine shrimp to start with (they are fairly small) then to move to a alternation between bloodworms and pellets.  I have Easy Fry food as well.  Can I use that as the pellets?  Would peacock gudgeon fry be able to eat Easy Fry if I decided to attempt breeding them?  

 Thank you.

Edited by egruttum
Added comment on food and Easy Fry
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@egruttum  Main issue is people trying to keep them in shrimp tanks or with other nano fish as they can and will eat these. These fish get a good size (3.0") for your average tank in my opinion. In my experience I don't see the aggression but I usually have kept them with cyprinids, danios, and larger tetras in well planted setups with hides. The foods you mentioned are fine. As for what the fry eat I couldn't honestly answer that as I have never bred them. Fresh hatched baby brine would be a good mix in that feeding.

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@RobertThank you for the reply.  I have read some people say they do fine with shrimp, some people say to keep them separate.  I've latched on to the theory that if something can fit in a fish's mouth (another fish, shrimp, me) then eventually said object will end up in the bigger fish's mouth at some point, no matter what the fish are.  Just look at Jonah and the great fish.  Mine are quarantined right now so I have 4-6 weeks to figure out what I am going to do.  I was going to keep them with a few guppies (not fancy with long fins, basically just the mutts of guppies), mystery snails, and ghost shrimp.  After watching them for the first night it looked like they either laid or hovered just above the sand substrate so maybe keeping them with ghost shrimp who are active at night is not a great idea.  I guess I will watch them over the next few weeks and see what I am going to do.  The good news is I have plenty of 10 gallon tanks that the shrimp and/or guppies can live in so these guys can be in my 20 gallon tank in my office.

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@egruttumjust my 2 cents from my own experience, they are great fish and aggression has never been an issue.They occupy all parts of the water column, which is a plus. I don't keep them with any nano fish, but the "can this fit in their mouth?" rule is exactly what you  want to ask.

Biggest thing I would say is not to keep them as a single centerpiece fish. They can be disappointing if that is your goal. But in groups, I absolutely love them

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@stowcenter93Thanks for sharing your experience.

I bought three young Peacocks yesterday because that was all my LFS had.  When they grow up a bit and i can determine sex my plan is to have three of each sex in the aquarium.  Does having equal male and females seem reasonable in your experience?  My readings make it sound like it will probably work as long as I have shelter and plants.  My aquarium is fairly well planted but currently lacking structures to hide in.  I'm working to change that and I have some time before quarantine is over..

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