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Plants in pots

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I think that's a really good idea. One of my tanks is a lot like yours, I used the larger gravel because I like the look of it and it doesn't go up the gravel vac- but it's harder to grow in though I have some underneath the gravel at the back of my tank. I'd like to grow in pots too, just wish, for my purposes, I could find something I liked to put them in...always looking....

...your plants look great!

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just cause
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23 minutes ago, Streetwise said:

I wish folks would try organic soil in potted plants.

I will pick some up tomorrow.  i have 32 of these little pots and lots of things to put in them.  Something like miracle grow soil?

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5 hours ago, Hobbit said:

@starsman20 also WOW that fish is round! 😆

Shes the queen alright.  I've gotten thousands of fry from her and even though shes been away from adult males for months she never skinnied up.  No babies in a while but she looks perpetually pregnant.  My other female thinned out but she only had a few batches of babies.  Plus shes a food hog.  Its good to be queen?????

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