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Coarse filter breeding neo shrimp?

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I've been "shrimping" for a few months.  Primary tank 20G, HOB w/ sponge prefilter, heavily planted. Cull tank 10G, and now multiple 5G tanks so I have have a few different colors.   I am switching my 5 gal tanks to sponge filters. I watched a couple of Cory's videos, and I also read AqCoop articles.  Here's my question: My baby shrimp are small, small, small.  They will clearly fit through the coarse sponge holes of the 6 sponge filters set-ups I just bought from AqCoop.  Is that okay?  Will they just swim out the top? 

Image 1: about 7 of the little tykes (maybe a week or so old) in between the rock and the fine prefilter sponge I took out of the main tank and set in for biofilm.  Image 2: mighty might on top of the fine sponge in the tank with the coarse sponge just outside for comparison. Thank you for your help!



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Oh absolutely, I try to make sure everyone is off the sponge whenever I am trying to clean it. They do crawl through it. I’ve never found any in my bag of dirty water when I take the sponge out for cleaning through. I’m honestly surprised. 

I have course sponge on three sponge filters and as a prefilter on a canister. 

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I have one of ACO sponge filters in my tank of platys.  I have dozens of tiny fry, and they love the filter!  I see them feeding off it all the time, and I have even seen them disappear into the sponge, only to reemerge in a bit, and head off to another part of the filter.  I think that since the holes are not straight tunnels the odds of going all the way in a slim, and the water flow would bring them back out again pretty quick.  I look at it as a fry feeding station that makes it easier for them not having to chase down the goodies.

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