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White Patch On Back


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She is never very cooperative with photos. My lone Sterba Corydora (I know, she needs friends. We’ve had her for a few years when we were told she would be fine with our Paleatus. I want more, but not until I beat these issues... and can find some). Yesterday I noticed she has a white patch on her back near her dorsal. 

I was close to treating my main tank with Maracyn due to several Mollies having swim bladder issues lately, but I held off due to everyone I hadn’t moved being fine the past few days (I have the four with issues in QT). I’m thinking I might treat the main tank with the med trio... but I wanted to check with the group to see if it might be something that requires a stronger med. 


Tank Parameters

temp: 74.4

ammonia: 0

nitrite: 0

nitrate: between 20 and 50. Kind of reddish, but still orange (API). A little light for ACCO strips 50. 

Ph: 8

GH: 300

KH: 120





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1 minute ago, Mitch Norton said:

Due to the swim bladder issues and now this I was considering treating the trio. 

You think I should treat Maracyn instead? Full five day treatment?

Yes I would do course of maracyn

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Thanks @Colu I’ve been thinking recently, and I may start doing a 50% weekly water change for a while to try to straighten things out. I’m tired of these sick fish. 

I’ll most likely do a 50% today and then run the Maracyn. I know it’s like a 25% water change after that. So I’ll put off the larger water change for a while, but it might help with the bba too....

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