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Early signs of fin rot?


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I examine my betta's fins every night. 

 I know one of the early signs of fin rot are brown jagged edges.  But what about just jagged edges without the color?

He's a very active fish. Roams the full 10g tank. I've never seen him nip. But not sure if he does.   

I tested the water 2 days ago

pH 7.4

Ammonia 0.003

Nitrite 0

Nitrate 5.  

40% water change yesterday with gravel vac. I've been raising the temp on the heater gradually.  It just can't hit 78 for some reason (yes, it's a 50w).   It stays around 75 or a little above.   There's one IAL inside, but my polypad seems to be capturing all the tannins. 20210325_235310.jpg.4edbf9250c7d06c57800eb72eb08f277.jpg

What does it look like to y'all?  


This was about 8 hours after the water change.  Didn't notice it prior. 

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Noting when picture was taken
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