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Hello everyone. Iv gota algae problem...I think. This seems to appear in all my tanks and it may be due to some rock I collected but none the less I have not found anything that eats it. It is so tough that it take a lot of effort even with a razer blade. Any ideas what kind of algae it is? 




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Not sure. Maybe a Rhodophyte? Might be “red” algae — variant of Cyanobacteria. See this site about that: http://www.aquariumfiltersetup.com/common-aquarium-problems/red-algae/

I’ve attached a couple pages on “red algaes” from a book on solving algae problems....{note: book oriented to marine / saltwater tanks}



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Yes I believe it is red algae. I have it in one of my tanks as well



it grows differently than other algae’s in mote of this circular pattern and not on my plants just rocks and glass. I posted in another group and it seems to be a rarer type of algae and some even seemed jealous that I had some. It is much prettier to me than GSA and it keeps off the plants so I am ok with it. It only grows on my glass down at the gravel line. 

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1 hour ago, Hwom91 said:

Any idea what causes it?

Not a clue sorry. Never tried to get rid of mine as it hasn’t been problematic. It also scrapes off the glass easily. I think it’s just a part of the biome, hopefully someone else can give you the answer. 

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