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Hello everyone 😁 I'm marcus. I have been fish keeping on and off for the last 8 years constantly the last 3 years. I have kept a very diverse fish collection from community, to flower horns, africans, invertebrates, other large predator fish. I have recently downsized do to covid the past year. I currently keep 2 40g, 2 20g, 10g, and a 90 indoor pond. 

I am far from someone who knows much about the hobby lol I have mainly learned from youtube and experience along the way. Believe it or not I actually just started my first planted tanks. 

I hope to make some great friendships and learn from everyone here. 

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58 minutes ago, CalmedByFish said:


Are the floors strong enough for a lot of water weight? Just wondering if it might be an old house. 

So my actual fish room is in the basment wich is finished concrete flooring so don't have to worry there in the future but the upstairs has my 40s and 20s. But house is only 13 years old so it still has young bones thankfully

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This is my current project.

40g breeder

2 java fern, Brazilian pennywort, christmas moss, large cholla wood piece holds moss and a fern.

fluval stratum with a light layer of sand to help hold it down for substrate

have a nice hygger full spectrum light coming from Amazon tomorrow (it's 5 days late already) 

large sponge, and aqua clear 70 for filtration till my plants grow and can help keep up with just a sponge.

currently has rosey minnows that I use to help cycle newer tanks but future stock will be 20 black neon tetras and open to suggestions for a nice dwarf cichlid pair to keep with them.



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