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Does this look like cotton mouth to you?


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We've had these rasbora's for about 6 months. This afternoon we just noticed this on one of them. Is this cotton mouth?
sorry for the blurry photos, these guys are difficult to get a fix on.


A couple questions:

- I read that the bacteria that causes cotton mouth is present in all aquarium. If this is the case what is the point in separating it?

- I have Melafix and Imagitarium bacterial infection remedy, I can dose the whole tank with all the fish or the fish separated out into its own tank. Would either of these medication be a good idea to use?


Tank setup:

 20 gal long, planted, inert substrate, medium light, no CO2

parameters - tested yesterday:

0 ammonia and nitrite, 10 - 30 nitrate (depending on fertilization and water changes), 7 PH, 6dgh and 2dkh.

temp: 78f




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 it looks like he has some fin rot is on the dorsal fin it looks like a lump to me  I would Qarantine and treat melafix isn't very effective treatment and am not familiar with imagitarium bacterial remedy I would treat with maracyn  and ich x as it also treats fungal infection 

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I zoomed in a bit, and yeah it looks like there might be fit rot as well. Though both fin rot and cotton mouth are bacterial infections as far a I can tell by googling them, so I'm not sure if I want to use anti-fungal. As far as a lump I don't see one, just the bit of silver they all seem to have at the base of their fins.


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