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Summer tubing planters

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Wife grabbed some planters from Costco for summer tubing. Was thinking of sealing the plug with silicon and painting them with plastidip vs buying pond liner and lining them with that. 

I was going to run an air pump and sponges on the 2 next to each other and leave the other as a non-filtered one. 

stocking is variatus platys, white clouds, and Endlers and guppies. 

I was also going to grab a pack of 17 gallon muck buckets to play around with as well. 

im in Bend OR so it’ll be awhile. Planning to check them in the morning and evening to watch where the lights coming in and shade from the surrounding trees. 







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I highly recommend Dr. Ted Coletti's Tub Pond Handbook, also recommend listening to the pond hunter radio episode interview with Dr. Coletti, (on YouTube its episode 52 or 54 i forgot the number) it goes in depth on tips and tricks and container types and shapes. The only concerns with the ones you showed is oxygen diffusion since they are taller then they are wide, usually you would want to have something that is at least as wide as it is tall. But the containers are beautiful and can make beautiful water gardens for sure.

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Cool build - north San Diego and Bend Oregon a bit different but still very cool. I’m going for summer only not year round although I’ve seen where rice fish can do winter and ice. I have 5 in a bin in my garage. They are deep enough that I could pull that off. 

I’ve heard that podcast as well as an Aquarist podcast with him. I have his book and plan to reread it again now that I’ve got the vessels in question. If I had my druthers we’d have grabbed some different ones but this is sort of a sign my wife has accepted that the hobby can invade her garden so I’m stoked and need to accept her offering. 

I think the muck buckets will perhaps be better for larger species like the platys and white clouds while I’ll reserve the tall ones for the rice fish, guppies and Endlers. 

my next step is to hit Home Depot and grab a plastic box they put the irrigation timers in to contain my airpump. Then I’ll buy the big spool of airline from the coop. So your thought is that even with a sponge filter it will be problematic?

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1 hour ago, Beardedbillygoat1975 said:

So your thought is that even with a sponge filter it will be problematic?

No I don't think so, if they get a lot of sun and green water the sponge filter may clog but no I don't think it will cause much of an issue, it depends on whst you want to do with them but if you have air pumping in all of them I dont think you have anything to fear to be honest. You just need to be more careful with tubs thag shape.



ps I totally get it, my wife is only semi accepting of my fish hobby and I am obsessed with summer tubs, she just wants them where she can't see them but this year I am going to try and grow lots of flowering plants to win her over, and jazz up the tubs so they are prettier. Id do the same you did, any container my wife got me and approved id make work haha.

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