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Need help getting a nitrite under control!!!

Travis Harman

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I'm trying to get a new tank started.  Have had water in it for 6 weeks, with plants.  1 Java Fern, 3 Amazon Swords,  2 Pogostem, and 2 anubus for same the time.  The  Ammonia spiked 3 weeks ago and have come down to zero.  Was dosing 2 pumps of easy green and a total5 root tabs are in tank.  Algee was going nuts and since tank was Sable and full of algee I put in 1 Otto and he's going to town.  About 3 days after that nitrite has been above .5ppm and higher.  I have changed 10 gallons a day of a 29 gallon tank 6 days strait, gravel vacuum, going to put a fluval lite in tomorrow when mail comes tomorow hopeing that kicks plant into high drive.  Tested tap water and thats a nice blue so that would be 0 nitrites. Also put a dose of fritz 7 week ago.  There's no food going in and 1 Otto should not spike nitrite.  What am I doing wrong??

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