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Levamisole & water parameters


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I followed Select Aquatics instructions to the letter for 2 days of treatment to my 55 gal tank. That was Sat & Sun.

The water turned quite cloudy yesterday. Today I tested the water & got some really weird readings. 

Last TH, pre-treatment vs Today's numbers:

  • Ammonia - .25 / 1.0
  • NO3 - 60 / 10
  • NO2 - 0 / 0
  • Kh - 40 / 100
  • pH - 6.8 / 7.0

Does that usually happen after this treatment?


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Yes, the ammonia spike can come from the worms or parasites that are being affected by the medication. I believe that's why Greg recommends doing a 20-30% water change (with gravel vacuuming) before dose 1 and before dose 2 to remove any dead organic material. Also, don't forget to a second treatment of levamisole again in 2 weeks to kill any eggs that have since hatched (since the medication doesn't affect eggs). Hope that helps!

Source: http://www.selectaquatics.com/Website redone Front Page/levamisole_hydrochloride_Insert.htm

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Thanks, Irene. We did all of those steps, including the water changes with gravel vacuuming. I'm guessing we should go ahead & do another one to reduce the ammonia?

And yep, we're planning a second dosing in 2 weeks. Thanks so much. 

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It was really bad. I was losing 8-10 fish a day for weeks.  I think it was wasting disease.  It's the only thing I can figure. We did a 25% change today with gravel vacuuming. (Ammonia had doubled by this morning.)  We've lost over 30 fish since day 1 of the treatment, but none overnight last night. I can still see stringy poop, though, so I know they are still affected. 

Thanks for the info. I appreciate it so much. 🥰

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We repeat our dosing of Levamisole this weekend. The water did not clear up until today. I think with the meds & water changes & vacuuming, we killed off a lot of bacteria. We've had Ammonia, but 0 ppm nitrites and less than 10 ppm nitrates. We dosed with Easy Green & that seemed to help. We're hoping this weekend's dosing doesn't kill off more of the good stuff! 

I've fed Xcel flakes & pellets as usual, but yesterday & today added spinach. I'm hoping it will boost everyone's systems a bit. 

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Well I used fenbendazole food I mixed myself and it was like a magic bullet. But it was a fair bit of work compared to others because I had to use dog dewormer to get the active ingredient and add that to flakes with epsom salt and garlic. Callanus worms are pretty tricky to remove and fenbendazole is the only killer for them.

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We are still losing fish every day,  but only 4-5 a day, unlike the last month of 10-12 a day. So...that's an improvement! 

We are finished with all treatments and are trying to help our parameters get back to normal.

We did a 25% water change today,  as the ammonia was rising. My nitrates are very low, around 10 ppm. No nitrites present for several days. We are dosing with Easy Green every other day to see it that will help. 

I've got BBA & hair algae growing now. So I know something is "off".

We haven't had any deaths with the assassin snails, pygmy chain loaches or shrimp, so that's good! 

I'll sure be glad for this tank to get back to normal. 😏

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@Irene, I was recommended to try Lavamisole powder from select aquatics for Internal parasite; I tried General cure, no change, and I tried to feed guppy Antiparasite duo and quad flakes from everything aquatics but the one without issue gets excited to eat the medicated food and the one that needs to eat the medicated food refused to eat or take it but spits back up and I could not start the treatment with medicated food so, I was told to try lavamisole (by water column).

Female guppy had nice solid brown poop before birth but after birth, I keep seeing stringy poop and not so much interests in appetite so, I like to try this but I got 2 questions.


1. The poster says after dosing med, ammonia level went up and parameter is bit off so does that mean, when it happens, it is best to add in prime to keep fish safe from ammonia and also adding stability so bacteria would not get to be zero in the tank and cycle crash until final treatment and maybe plus one day??


2. One course of treatment is 2 dosing? I read instruction on the select aquatics but English is not my first language so, I will be appreciated if you help me understand how to do. I understood you need to do water change and dose spoonful of powder (the spoon come in the kit) and then next day, water change and dose another spoonful for 10 gallon side if you treat 10 gallon tank. After that, I need to do one more water change and wait 2 weeks and do the water change-dosing-wait 24 hours-water change -dosing again and treatment is done?


Thank you.


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