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How to store plants a few days prior to planting?

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Keep them in a bucket of water. They will be fine in this enviourment for a few days. No need to worry about lighting, but if you want and you have an extra light lying around you could use that too. The most important part is the bucket of water, they just need to be kept moist.

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My 75 gallon community tank is littered with still potted or weighted plants waiting to move to other tanks that I am in the process of setting up.  If you have the gravel space, just leave them as they came (sans plastic and bubble rap) in the tank till everything else arrives.

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Some tap water with the appropriate amount of Prime is all you'll need. No worries about a light or airstone. Room temp will be fine (assuming the room isn't an outdoor shed or something). But I bet you'll have enough room to just float your plants in their little planters in your 20g for a couple days. That's what I always do if I get shipment before I can devote time to planting them all. Just chuck em in a tank, any tank, and sort them out later 🙂

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@Kirsten and @DSH OUTDOORS Thanks so much ! I am going to wait to see how many I get. Last time, I ordered the "rookie" package, and received a HUGE load of plants. I had to give some away because I just didn't have room (and didn't have a clue what I was doing). This time..in my new 40 gallon breeder.. it will be packed!!! and I purchased a bunch of cool stuff from Aquarium co op too.. 

I want to put in the eco complete, gravel and hard scape and play in there a bit. the echo complete is wet, so I guess I will just have to wait..?? or do I??? can I put in all the hard scape, and add the plants on Saturday?

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10 minutes ago, Sandra the fish rookie said:

@Kirsten oh ya.. I was worried because the echo complete was "wet" I had to keep it that way. I have put paper and played in it a bit.. but its just not the same! 

Yeah if you have "live" substrate that you bought wet or something, I'd recommend keeping it that way. You can leave it sealed in the bag until you're ready to go, or you can put it in the tank with a couple inches of conditioned water to wait til you're ready to do the rest of it.

If you have the tank ready with the substrate and some water, you can just add a little more water and store the plants in the same tank for now while you wait for the remainder (which will also help get your tank cycled a little sooner). It doesn't have to look pretty and nothing has to be settled into its forever home right away, as long as the plants stay wet.

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Thanks everyone for the advise! 

There HERE!!! With these, I ordered the following from Aquarium Co op:

1 Anubias gold coin

1 Crinum Calamistratum (with a easy planter)

3 Monte Carlo

3 Anubias Nana Petite

I have all kinds of Drift wood, a large piece of Manzanita wood and cholla wood. The substrate is echo complete (black) and natural gravel for the front. All the large stones are dragon stone 🙂

Getting excited.. I will keep everyone up to date as I go along.. Plants are in a bucket and look happy! If my other order arrives early.. I know what I will be doing Friday night! 




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