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I ordered some guppies a while back and all but one died. I don't know why, but anyway, I kept her in the 10g and green water happened. I have been trying forever to make green water inside. I was going to set up a daphnia tank, but figured that this mysterious green water tank was perfect. The daphnia is coming in tonight.... And she dropped fry in pea soup. What is the best option? Can the fry co-exist with the daphnia? At this point the daphnia will be bigger than the fry.


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I imagine that the daphnia will make quick work of the green water. I would love it if they didn't, but well fed guppy fry isn't a bad thing and I can net them out much easier when they are bigger and the water is clearer. I may loose some of the smaller daphnia... But I don't mind losing them as food. I really would love to hear from people who have a successful indoor year round culture. Thank you.

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