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Corydoras and paraguard


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1.When you use paraguard, is it best to use it with stability since paraguard can kill bacteria slowly in the tank?

 I got corydras 10 days ago and up until 17th (7 days), I dosed paraguard half dose to cory (normally, I dose full dose to fish 2 weeks to pretreat the fish before they going in to the destination tank). It is because seller was quarantine fish 30 days at warehouse and cory arrived here overnight so, I went easy on them.

After the paraguard only 7 days long, my water parameter got hickups and 2 days ago, I had ammonia 0.5 at max, Nitrite 0.25 at max and Nitrate 5.

I fixed that issue by dosing stability daily and now I am back to good water;ammonia zero, Nitrite zero, Nitrate 5.

When it is about Nitrite spiked, I saw one of youngest cory in quarantine tank started flashing.

It is not like constant flashing but it happens 1-2 min in , into the feeding time and some min later everyone settled after tummy full and resting under the Java moss.Once it flash, she/he does that about 4-6 flips and swimming around and not going to flash again long time.When I go check on them at mid day, I see all is resting under java moss usually (probably they are not in real planted tank so not much to explore?),and noone is flashing.

I did water change 20% or so yesterday and tested water this morning and still ammonia is zero, nitrite zero, nitrate 5 so, water quality should be ok. But the same one flashes during the meal time and right after the meal time,4-6 flips at a time and it is short seconds.

Is it something to worry about?

Is it start of ich or gil flukes?

The quarantine tank started getting green water so it is bothering them thus one of them does flashing during meal time and after?

The tank is bare bottom.

Since I gave them 7 days break from last day of dosin half dosage of paraguard, I am debating if I should do paraguard 2.5ml this time and gradually up the dosage to 5ml and do 14 days long as it was supposed to.

But I also read cory does flashing during meal time too so, I do not know how to tell sick or no sick. None other cory doing flashing and only small one doing it and no white spot that  indicate ich are on them.

Seller wants me to put into more stable well established display tank for them but I worry if this flashing was something that indicate illness..I do not want other healthy fish to become sick...

I am very new to corydras keeping.

Thank you for your help.

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I was not sure I do daily water test but it means, you dose paraguard, test water after a few hours, and if it gotfunky, dose stability? Or you need to dose 2 together to prevent it from happening. Quarantine tank got ammonia and Nitrite spike and had to dose stability daily after the treatment I decided on.


So, corydras flashing like I explained above is normal to you and nothing to worry about or does it sound like I need to medicate them?

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