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Ich infestation beginning??


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I was just observing my 30G and I noticed small white spots on maybe 3 of 8 rummy nose tetras and I have khuli's in the tank with them. I just added some Seachem Paraguard at half strength and will be raising the temperature slightly. I'm trying not to panic but I want to make sure everyone is alright. Is there anything else I should do to try my best to nip this in the bud?

And also tricks on cleaning the tank after this ich is eradicated from my tank; I have the aquarium co-op's sponge filter for reference? I couldn't for the life of me catch the infected tetra to try to confine them to a quarantine tank... they're quick lil buggers and I don't want to stress the fish and currently uninfected fish out any more than I need to. 

The one you see here has the worst while the other one maybe two have one or two ich spots at most.


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I hate to I.D on blurry pics but that looks like it could very well be ich. Luckily most ich medications are plant and nitrifying bacteria safe so treating in the main tank won't be an issue. Just more expensive as you likely are treating a larger volume of water. 


Ich medications do not kill the adult ich which you see on the body, they inhibit sexual reproduction and kill the free swimming parasites. Follow instructions and complete treatment. The adult ich will die and fall off eventually depending how far along in their life cycle they are

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