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Help me plant my tank. You suggest, I buy!

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I’ve finally finished my 150gal (29” tall) and I’m ready to take my first dive into plants. The tank has two 36”/27W Fluval lights on it, substrate is pool filter sand, and filtration is two Seachem Tidal 110, two doubled up sponge filters, and a few power heads behind the slate.  

Help me pick a batch of plants for this and I’ll buy them from Aquariumcoop when we settle on something. Thanks in advance. 

Stocking list moved over from various other tanks: 15 Eos loach, 3 Sumo, 3 Zodiac, 2 Striata, 2 Histrionica, 24 LF Leopard Danios, 12 African Fasciolatus Barb, 18 Bloodfin Tetra, 5 Albino Kribs, 1 Starlight Pleco. 


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