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Java Ferns New Growth Seems Odd? Any Thoughts On Why?


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First off, greetings! I just became a member of this great forum after discovering Aquarium Co-Op and starting my planted tank. What an amazing resource. I am new at the planted tank gig and have what is probably a basic (i.e. stupid) question. I have a 29 gallon tall and added several differant types of plants as per the Co-Op's recommendation. Other than one plant which had Anubis rot and replaced by the Co-Op (amazing service!), things are going well, I think. However, I noticed that my Java Ferns new growth is odd. The baby leaves seem translucent in spots. Not sure this is normal, of some deficiency? I have been dosing the recommend amount of fertilizer every week (the Co-Op brand). Could it be the water itself? I have about 20PPM or so of Nitrates, zero Ammonia and Nitrites, PH 7.4, KH 40PPM and GH at 75PPM or so? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! 


PS: If there is something really off on the water, feel free to comment as well:)   

Java Fern.jpg

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