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I think my RCS has Ellobiopsidae or (and) Cladogonium ogishimae and I don't know what to do....


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I feel terrible about this but I noticed this on my shrimp a few weeks back and didn't know any better. I saw it today, and filmed it and asked a different group what it could be. They all said it is this Ellobiopsidae or (and) Cladogonium ogishimae and to 'get rid of the shrimp'. 


I don't want to euthanize unless absolutely necessary. I have quarantined them into a large vase....I put an indian almond leaf in with it...but I am not sure past that what kind of medicine to give it...any suggestions on how to care of it? or is this hopeless?


Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, I don't have a heater or a filter in the flower vase with it, and I have plastic wrap on the top with holes in it so air gets in. I put an algae wafer in with it so it could eat...don't know if that was a mistake.


my water parameters in the planted 40 gallon he was in was 

0 ammonia

PH 6.6

Nitrite 0.0

Nitrate 20

GH 9

KH 5

Temp 78f


He is in the water from that tank....also, should I be worried about my 100+ other RCS in that tank?

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