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Best Dither Fish that will leave Puffers Alone.

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Hey guys I have a 125gal that I have Nicaraguan Cichlid, a small Synodontis Catfish, a Porthole Cory and a Congo Puffer. The Nicaraguan's are shy and need a dither fish. So I was using Giant Danio but when I add the Congo Puffer I noticed them bothering the Puffer and I don't want that. So I removed the Giant Danio and am looking for something else to help make the fish more comfortable. Anything out there that won't pester the puffer and would be fine with the Nicaraguan's? I worry about Tetra's out competing the puffer. Barbs, Mollies, Platy and Swordtail pestering the puffer. Guppies getting eaten bye the catfish.

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Larger South American or African tetra will be fine dither fish. Danios are hyper and are common fin nippers so you did right removing them. During feeding time puffers tend to be shy so I personally would train him/her to tong feed. Feed the tetra on one side of the tank and attempt to establish a tong feeding spot for the puffer away from the tetras. The tetra will be to busy in their feeding frenzy to realize the puffer is getting preferential treatment. I would not do livebearers they too are fin nippers when bored and they also don't really like low kH low pH environments anyway.

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